Friday, October 25, 2013

25 October 2013 Cold, wind, and snow

Cassi Creek:  The morning hike with Mike was marked by a cold south wind and lowering clouds.  The temperature has been dropping slowly but steadily.  The prediction for tonight is a low of 22°F. 
          I need to bring in more wood for tonight’s fire.  Last night’s fire lasted until 0640, when I threw some more wood into the stove and poked up the coals. 
          Today’s other chore is to look at the anemometer for a possible repair.  I doubt it can be fixed but I will attempt it. 
          Other weather notes – very light snow flurries are happening.  One has to be outside, viewing them over a dark background for them to be apparent.
          Last item, my ear is about the same as yesterday.  I’m hoping that the prescribed warm compresses will provide the intended therapeutic effect and drain this annoyance.

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