Friday, October 4, 2013

4 October 2013 Once upon a midnight dreary

Cassi Creek:  We have a rather effective mechanism in place for dealing with foreign nationals who attack our soil, our citizens, our naval vessels, and our economy.  We possess and deploy a strong array of missiles, cruise missiles, and unmanned surveillance and delivery hardware against jihadists, terrorists, and other designated enemy combatants.
          What we don’t have is an effective mechanism for protecting our own government from internal enemies.  The most frightening thing about such enemies is that many of them are duly elected to become public servants. People who run on a campaign platform promising to destroy the U.S. government should not be elected.  In the last election cycle, we were afflicted with enough of such teahadists to inactivate a weak and greedy GOP leadership core.  The GOP needs to remove these enemies from our legislative bodies.  It also needs to collectively recant every pledge held by Grover Norquist. 
          The greater danger to America in 2013 lies within our borders rather than beyond them. 
          Gloria’s older iguana was diagnosed with bone cancer today.  It has been under the care of a highly competent DVM.  It did not return with us today.  Obviously, Gloria is feeling the loss of her oldest pet. 
          I’m concerned about Loki, our 10-12 year old rescue dog.  Yesterday morning I found numerous puddles of dog vomit that, other than in volumes were unremarkable.  Today she produced something that concerns me more.  She’s already had a rough summer medically.  We’ll be watching her.

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