Sunday, October 6, 2013

6 October 2013 Veterans? Screw them!

Cassi Creek:  1st it was the WWII monument that was the contact point.

Now it has become the VietNam War monument placed out of reach by the GOP/teavangelist legislators.

          There is a need for the National Park Police, National Park Rangers, and maintenance staff at the various memorials and features on the national mall.  Vandals do deface monuments, trash does get scattered and dropped anywhere people can find to discard it. 
          However, preventing veterans access to national war monuments by means of shutting down the government is an act of major stupidity.  Even more evidence of intellectual incompetence can be found in the actions of a GOP legislator attacking a National Park Ranger for doing her job, as ordered, and blocking access by WWII vets to the WWIII monument subsequent to the actions of the GOP in shutting down our government. 
          Yesterday, VietNam vets were denied access to the VietNam wall for the same reason. 
          Here’s the question.  Do these Teabagger minions actually think that we will forget between now and 2014 which party was responsible for denying veterans adequate funding for health care, adequate funding for disability determinations, and even access to the gravesites and monuments to our comrades in arms?  I guess they are.  They keep complaining about how much they need their salaries in order to pay for their “nice houses” and for college for their spawn.    These video clips will come back to haunt them. 

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