Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9 April 2013 Looks like we’re in for nasty weather

Snow, tornado threat mix in spring weather tango
By Ben Brumfield and Jim Kavanagh, CNN
updated 10:38 AM EDT, Tue April 9, 2013

CNN) -- Denver schoolkids got rare spring treat Tuesday -- a snow day. But for millions of others across the country, the weather may not be so delicious.
A storm brought biting cold, high winds and the possibility of several inches of snow to parts of Colorado, forcing the cancellation of about 465 flights at Denver's airport. While the Southeast and parts of the Northeast basked in sunny warmth, residents of the Central Plains braced for the possibility of severe storms, including tornadoes.
Central Oklahoma and parts of north central Texas were under moderate threat of severe thunderstorms, including the possibility of tornadoes, through Tuesday night.
About 2.6 million people live in the path of those storms, which includes Oklahoma City and Tulsa in Oklahoma and Wichita Falls in Texas, CNN meteorologist Judson Jones said.os: Weather

As weird as it might seem, its par for the course in spring, Jones said.
"Blinding snow and 40 degrees below average does not sound like spring in Denver. On the flip side, the 20 degrees above average forecast for New York City feels more like early summer," he said. "But the unexpected is what we expect in spring."
The snowstorm followed a bizarre weather day Monday in which emergency workers northeast of Denver responded to a wildfire, a possible tornado and a blizzard warning -- all within a 50-mile radius.”

Cassi Creek:  This morning there is a 60 °F temperature differential across the cold front moving out of the Rockies.  That degree of variation will predispose to blizzard conditions behind the front and thunderstorms with a marked potential for tornadic activity before the front. 
          The severe storms forecast center has plotted out the areas that are at risk for severe storms today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  We are at the forward edge of the potential severe storms as forecast for Thursday. 
          Obviously, we are concerned about the risk.  We recall the storms of April 2011 all too well.  Given the prevailing weather patterns our greatest risk may well occur after dark.  That increases the anxiety all the more.
          I think I can put the snow shovel away for the season.  It’s time to get the string trimmer out and to bring the mowers up and online.   I can hardly contain my excitement.

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