Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013 No sequester for Congress

Cassi Creek:  I doubt that this little exercise in rewarding their selves for selling out truly surprises anyone of normal intelligence.  That should eliminate those citizens who would have preferred Sarah Palin as POTUS to Barak Obama.  It should also remove those who believe in Leprechauns, Munchkins, and the conspiracy theory which claims that every Jew who worked in the WTC was out sick on 11 September 2001, and that the current iteration of the NRA is truthfully interested in anything beyond ramping up fear in order to sell more guns and ammunition.   (Diagram that, English majors)
          Congress has obviously been swamped with complaints from airline that are unable to schedule, and actually launch, as many flights as when there was a full complement of ATC’s in the towers and regional centers. Not only are the airlines upset, those citizens who must travel as part of their jobs are unable to move about for meetings and other business-related functions are furious at the increase in delays. 
          Congress must have looked at their list of complaints voiced by the lobbyists and other influence peddlers who must now face the same delays as those faced by the common people.  Even more upsetting to Congress must be that they, too, are now subject those same safety requirements which limit their ability to fly and arrive in a timely manner.   Reality bites!
          Congress, of course, is not going to suffer for long if they have the means to remind the voting public who they are and how important they are.  They already have reserved parking slots at Washington National Airport.  I believe they have a separate lounge area to keep them from encounters with average citizens who must now face even more certain delays.  For many members of Congress, some corporate backer is more than happy to send them home and bring them back on a private aircraft.  After all, they are Congress, they are important.
          Congress looked at the displeasure created amongst its financial supporters as well as that it carelessly inflicted upon itself by allowing the sequester to proceed rather than actually performing the job they were elected to perform.  Congress voted to restore funding for ATC’s.  The corporations are now happier.  Congress is now happier.  Having fixed the problem for those who fund their reelection coffers, Congress declared a recess for this week  It was a dirty job, but they were happy to do it.

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