Saturday, April 13, 2013

13 April 2013 Dear Mr. Fantasy

Mr. President.  You have been trying to convince the GOP and its base that you are a capable and competent POTUS since your first election to in 2008.  Surely, you must recognize their plan to negate everything you propose and to attempt to repeal everything you manage to bring into being. 
          The GOP and its base will never accept you, will never work with you, and will never consider you a legitimate President.  Stop trying to placate them!
Stop trying to compromise with them!  Every time you attempt a compromise you wind up giving away more of the policies and practices that were the reason for your election and re-election.
          Social Security and Medicare are not things to bargain against the GOP’s intransigence.  Not only have you lost at every attempt, we citizens who have paid insurance premiums and who continue to pay premiums are losing.  Both these social safety nets are critical to the well-being of our senior citizens.   We can’t afford for you to bargain them away.  Enough is enough.  You were elected as a Democrat.  Behave like one.  Stop giving away our future to the ultra-rich and the corporations that own the GOP. 

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