Monday, April 22, 2013

22 April 2013 Conspiracy theories – one from column A two from column B

Cassi Creek:  With the return of spring, these mountains are greening up.  The Japanese Knot Weed some idiot brought onto our property is growing at a rate that can almost be tracked by minutes.  We’ve chopped, stomped, beaten, burned, and poisoned various areas that are infested with it, all to no avail.  It might succumb to a herd of goats.  But we don’t need goats to tend and to herd.  With the number of dogs running loose at all hours of the day in this valley, we’d wind up patrolling and herding under arms.   Not something to endear us to valley residents and not something to provide a good sleep pattern.
          Also increasing exponentially, conspiracy theories about the Boston Marathon bombing.  I did the morning Hike with Mike this morning.  He believes that the identified bombers are part of a 12 person secret cell that has been in the nation for at least a decade. 
From MSN
Rumor: Boston bombing was 'false flag' government operation
Report claims anonymous source says FBI searching for 'sleeper cell' linked to Tsarnaev brothers.
Consensus opinion labeled missing Brown University student as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.
Conservative sites have been abuzz over claims that the Saudi student is to be deported.
          These are only a few of the current crop of insanity accepted as true by people who look as if they are mentally competent and able to discern outright lies from truth.  Reality is becoming more and more what is scripted for television shows and what is intentionally distorted for the backdoor purposes of political and corporate lobbyists.  One might note that while thousands of people accept the rumor that Obama ordered the Newtown murders to assure his re-election, the NRA has done nothing to convince it’s most rabid members that the rumor is frank bullshit.  It does not even point out that Newtown happened in December, after the 2012 presidential election.
          It is only mid-April but these conspiracy theories and rumors are the noxious weeds in the fields of truth, the kudzu poised to choke out reality.  It is becoming more and more apparent that a terrifyingly large segment of our population is now demonstrating its inability to think logically.  These are the target demographic for the GOP and the tea party/evangelicals.  These are the people who prove the old advertisement line, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  Just how much we as a nation are wasting would have been unimaginable only two generations ago. 
          Watching a reality program last night, I saw 9 of 10 participants miss the question, “who said,”Ich bin ein Berliner!”   Missing that would be the equivalent of my failing to know who said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” 
          “Trouble, right here in River City”

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