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15 April 2013 No easy answers

Justin Bieber on Anne Frank: It is even worse than you think
Posted by Alexandra Petri on April 15, 2013 at 7:48 am
“Mary McGrory once said that “to be a celebrity in America is to be forgiven everything.”

Justin Bieber treated Anne Frank like a kid. Where’s the harm in that?

One newspaper, two columns, two hundred answers, maybe more. 
I find the comment by Beiber tasteless, repugnant, and suggesting that the pop culture performer knows little of history and has no probability of becoming better informed. 
          Alexandra Petrie wrote what I might have written if I knew more about Beiber.  I don’t, know more about him; have never listened to more than a few seconds of what he presents to the mob of PR pumped pre-teens.  I am not at all likely to expand either knowledge or appreciation of him, or any other performer of a similar nature.  I appreciate musical talent.  I have no use for musical hype. 
          Richard Cohen voices a different view.  He may well be correct in believing that Anne Frank was, like many young teenaged girls, then and now, attracted to popular culture performers, actors, etc.  However, growing up in Nazi-occupied Europe as a Jew, being captured and shipped to a death camp would tend to lessen the energy and interest in shallow entertainers so that such energy and interest could be focused upon daily survival.  I think Cohen is in error. 
          It’s academic.  We don’t have to afford pop culture performers any credence about anything that doesn’t involve their own egocentric existence.  In most instances, they make that both easy and the correct behavior toward them.  Petri’s closing remarks about Beiber seem to be appropriate.

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