Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 April 2013 The eyes have it.

Cassi Creek:   ophthalmology appointment today.  Intra-ocular pressures are all right.  There is some apparent cellular debris building up on my intra-ocular implants.  The plan is to have the ophthalmic surgeons remove it with a YAG laser.  That will happen sometime after a July consult.  I’m looking forward to the procedure.  There is sufficient deposition that it is affecting distance vision.

Too many people with too much money
A fight at 23,000 feet? Climbers accuse Sherpas of Mount Everest attack
By Manesh Shrestha and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN
updated 6:24 AM EDT, Tue April 30, 201

          This is, to me, unthinkable.  On the early successful Himalayan expeditions, Sherpas were valued as guides and climbing partners.  There were some Sherpas who worked on as high altitude porters but they, too, were respected for their knowledge and ability.
          The ascent of Everest was once a highly coordinated almost military in nature, undertaking.  Climbers on the teams were selected by expedition leaders based upon personal knowledge and abilities.  Teamwork was stressed and it was understood that placing one pair of two on the summit was a team mission. 
          Now, the commercial guide services are selling the opportunity to be dragged up the mountain in order to claim a successful climb.  The Sherpa teams are doing the grunt work, forcing the route and stringing rope lines for the tourists to use to pull their selves up the route.  They get the bulk of the danger and none of the glory. 
          It is time to return high altitude mountaineering to its 1950’s-60’s form. 

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