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3 April 2013 See you got your fist out, say your piece and get out

The NRA’s disarming plan to arm schools

By Dana MilbankPublished: April 2
“The gun-lobby goons were at it again.
The National Rifle Association’s security guards gained notoriety earlier this year when, escorting NRA officials to a hearing, they were upbraided by Capitol authorities for pushing cameramen. The thugs were back Tuesday when the NRA rolled out its “National School Shield” — the gun lobbyists’ plan to get armed guards in public schools — and this time they were packing heat.
About 20 of them — roughly one for every three reporters — fanned out through the National Press Club, some in uniforms with gun holsters exposed, others with earpieces and bulges under their suit jackets.
In a spectacle that officials at the National Press Club said they had never seen before, the NRA gunmen directed some photographers not to take pictures, ordered reporters out of the lobby when NRA officials passed and inspected reporters’ briefcases before granting them access to the news conference.”
Cassi Creek:  Wayne LaPierre has never served in the nation’s armed forces.  This makes it likely that he has never been involved in any sort of armed combat, firefight, or ambush.  Simulations and video training don’t count.  I would hazard a guess that most NRA members have never been under fire. 
          The NRA’s proposal to place armed officials, employees, or retired law enforcement personnel in schools to deter school shootings is flawed.  It will result in even higher casualty counts as bullets are sprayed in two or more directions, or in hostage situations that will inevitably end badly. 
          The NRA’s primary goal is to sell firearms.  School security is important to the organization, but primarily as a means to sell even more guns. 
          Milbank’s column describes an organization that would eagerly disregard customs and existing laws in any effort to broaden its base and amplify its financial power over elected representatives.  In demanding broad and loose interpretation of the2nd Amendment, the NRA provides an extreme example of why we might wish to tighten the interpretation of the 2nd amendment.

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