Friday, April 26, 2013

26 April 2013 Coax the mower

Cassi Creek:  The riding mower and string trimmer are back in service and the blisters incurred while convincing the trimmer that it could return to useful service are essentially healed.  Now it is time to bring the self=propelled Toro back to life.  It serves to cut those parts of the lawn that are too uneven and rock-filled for the riding mower while too large for the string trimmer.
          Today seems to be the chosen day for the Toro.  The forecast is for sunny and 65.  Tomorrow and Sunday promise rain and possible thunderstorms. 
          Today was the approved day.  Everything started up easily today and I managed to get through what I needed to accomplish. 
          Got sad news about an older friend.  Got good news about two friends who are back together. 
          Dylan is playing in Asheville next Tuesday.  Tickets are reasonably priced.  However, I have ophthalmology appointments Tuesday afternoon, which will, no doubt, result in dilation of my eyes.  By the time I would be able to see normally, in order to drive over, the show would already be in progress.  This is one reason I normally want early AM appointments for anything at VA.  The wait and travel times can blow the best parts from a day.

Shabbat Shalom!

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