Thursday, April 18, 2013

18 April 2013 Androgynous Ammonia

Cassi Creek:  from an on-line friend, Ed Uthman, M.D., the following was in this morning’s news
          “KPRC reporters may have gotten a whiff of the toxic fumes in West. One reports that the chemical plant manufactured "androgynous ammonia." Another said the various injuries "run the gambit..."
          English as a language offers the user an immense capability to communicate accurately with others.  Probably no other modern language has such a large pool of words to make use of. 
          Sadly, the misuse of language is rampant in today’s United States.  A nation that offers free public education is producing, and graduating, students who are barely literate in their primary language.  A brief period spent reading a newspaper or watching television news will provide many misused words and misunderstood concepts. 
          Given the misused words above, One might postulate the existence of a galaxy known as Androgyna.  All of its stars would evince a great similarity, with any humanoid residents appearing rather like Tim Curry’s Dr. Frankenfurter.  If any canines kept them company, they would most certainly be gamuts. 
          Which brings us to the great damage that is done by the “Common Spell Checker.”  This feature is found in all modern offices, most schools – especially of journalism, most newspapers and newsrooms, and even in urban and rural homes, It is most commonly overlooked in homes and most commonly misapplied in news media offices and studios. 
          After tossing off this brief trireme I ran my own copy of “spell check” 
If my soul purpose was to point out that English is being badly abused by much of the popular, it is easy enough dun.
All the errors are spelled correctly and were not flagged as errors by Microsoft Word.

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