Tuesday, April 16, 2013

16 April 2013 we can run but we can’t hide

Cassi Creek:  We are safely distant from the horror that rocked Boston yesterday, or so we believe.  Our locale is unlikely to become a target for international terrorism.  That is something to be grateful for.  If this area sustained mass casualties such as happened yesterday in Boston, every emergency room between Bristol and Memphis would be overwhelmed. 
          While there are few places large enough in TN oattract foreign terrorism, there are few places small enough to be without some hate group or another.  Some locales have multiple groups.
 http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/hate-map#s=TN   TN has anti-Islam groups, white separatists, black separatists klans, neo-Nazis, anti-immigrants, and Chrstian Identity groups.  Those are the top of the compost pile.  We also have any variety of political reactionary you can name. 
          While we are not the most heavily infected with the seeds that spawn domestic terrorism, we are not without risk.  The easily availability of firearms makes some sort of ambush or assault more likely than it should be.  The local population’s predliction toward listning primarily to Fox News as a source of pseudo news. Is likely to suggest local targets. 
          My first thought yesterday was to blame domestic or foreign-borne young immigrants to be the Boston murderers.  Today, no group has claimed the credit for Jihad; no military unit has firmed up a link to Africa, the Arabiann peninsula, or any other Islamic source.  The Obama admin has maintained a careful reistance to labeling the event as “terrorism” and linking it to Benghazi.  That’s OK, my walking partner Mike has already inked the newer update to another go-round  by the teavangelists to bring the Ben Ghazi event back to life.  That’s a good indication of what they really want, any excuse to damage the Obama Presidency.    When those GOP bastards can resurrect the four who died three, they may have the proper platform to use.  Until then, let them shut up and at least pretend that they care about anything beyond enriching the already super rich and keeping their seats in Congress

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