Thursday, April 4, 2013

4 April 2013 From the backwoods of Fenario

Cassi Creek:         The forecast for today predicts a 100% probability of rain.  We noted some drizzle about 0800 and I wavered about whether or not to hike with Mike today.  At 0850 I suited up, put Loki on lead, and headed out the door to be met with rain.  At 0945 I retrieved the trashcan and let Loki wander a bit.  I’m still dry; Gore-Tex is wonderful stuff below 55 or 60 °F (42 °F at the moment).  Loki, however is decidedly damp. 
          The abundant rain and snow that has fallen during the last winter is helping to produce huge amounts of airborne allergens.  Molds and pollens are plentiful now.  I’ve been dealing with rhinitis of some sort since January.  I suspect this will be an ongoing annoyance until the onset of autumn and the next hard freeze. 
          Nasal sprays, provided by VA, lose their efficacy over time.  The better decongestants and anti-histamines are often contra-indicated for people with hypertension.   Steroidal agents are contra-indicated for many diseases and disorders.  There are no magic bullet therapies for seasonal allergies. 
          Therefore I sit at this computer hoping to put some words into a document that satisfies the basic rules of English grammar, and that contains no spelling errors.  Between that intent and the finished product is a veil of fog and a separation too distant to allow coherent thought for longer than the time it takes for one nostril to threaten to drip. 
          There is some cause for celebration.  The anti-Parkinon’s meds I have been taking since October seem to be having a palliative effect.  I don’t experience the inability to remove my fingers form the keyboard before I find that I have produced “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” or “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssss” without intention.  The incidence of spelling errors in any one document seems to be decreasing along with the improvement noted above.  I have recovered some degree of motor control adequate to let me attempt to play guitar without becoming too frustrated at the loss of skill and ability now manifest. 
          The most troubling problems remain balance, inability to pull intended words out of memory and into conversation or onto a written page, and trembling/jerky movements.  There is a deep fatigue many days, such as I haven’t experienced for two decades now.   I’m not certain how this is going to progress.  I don’t believe that there is any doubt remaining that I am dealing with Parkinson’s.  While the neurologist included “essential tremor” in his differential diagnosis, I have not been treated for “essential tremor,” and to the best of my knowledge, my current meds should not treat it.  I’m a month away from my next neuro appointment.  I really want this  diagnosis confirmed and charted. 
          It’s hard to say whether today’s mental fog is due to seasonal allergies, medications, or disease.   Time for the next medications.   Also, time to schedule a colonoscopy.   That’s all for today.

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