Thursday, April 11, 2013

11 April 2013 Standing on the moon I see the battles rage below

Cassi Creek:  There is no proof that Iran and North Korea ate working in tandem to divert the attention of regulatory agencies and other nations from the two contentious nations. 
          There is also no proof that they are not working in tandem.  It would be to their respective advantages if one of the two behaves in a belligerent manner while the other quietly attempts to manufacture and test delivery platforms, guidance packages, and nuclear warheads.  North Korea’s nuclear program has produced and tested warheads with some success.  While they accomplished that, Iran was saber rattling in the Persian Gulf and making another round of threats against Israel and the U.S, U.S. military attention was drawn toward defending Navy ships and personnel from what were essentially practice runs to attack Nave ships with small craft swarm techniques, and from closing the sea-lanes through the Persian Gulf. 
          Now Iran must be at some crucial point in the development of the nuclear bomb they deny pursuing.  So it could well be that the PDRK is threatening to launch missiles so that attention is diverted from Iran to the PDRK. 
          It might be that there is more conspiracy and collusion than I have suggested.  Iran has a theater range launch vehicle and most likely the connective bus to mate a warhead and missile.  The PDRK warheads are believed to be too large to fit their current launch vehicles.  I can believe that these two nations are sharing information and perhaps even hardware in an effort to allow them both to become Nuclear-armed nations despite the non-proliferation efforts of numerous agencies, organizations, and nations. 
          This is, of course, all conjecture, surmise, supposition, and most likely entirely invalid.  As Toles points out so well in today’s cartoon, it may have some validity.  Either way, it is my concern that such interaction is taking place.  Others may find this evidence that I am somehow delusional.  The internet is a huge construct.  You are free to form your own opinion and dance to your own delusions. 

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