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5 April 2013 Spank them all soundly and send them to bed

“Iran’s incitement to genocide

By Michael GersonPublished: April 4
            “Over the years, Americans have come to discount statements on Israel and Zionism by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Repetition has rendered them unremarkable.
            “Israel must be “wiped off the map.” Zionism is a “germ of corruption” that “will be wiped off the face of the earth.” It is a “cancer cell” that must be “removed from the body.” The Zionist regime is “heading toward annihilation.” “They should know that they are nearing the last days of their lives.” “Israel is destined for destruction and will soon disappear.”
Cassi Creek:  There are many people who will try to convince  others that the continual anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric voiced by the leaders of Iran is simply political posturing. 
          If all the threats were originating from a single source, it might be possible.  However, the threats emanate from multiple sources within the Iranian religious/political machine.  When the supreme religious ruler of a theocratic state promises calls for Israel’s elimination, it is best to take those threats seriously. 
          Iran may choose not to engage in open attacks upon Israel.  But they are currently pouring weapons into Hamas in Gaza, HezBollah in Lebanon, and adding weaponry and cannon fodder to Syria’s ongoing self-immolation. 
          Iran is pushing it nuclear weapons program to develop and deploy nuclear weapons as rapidly as possible.  They continue to claim that they have no interest in or intent to possession of nuclear devices. 
          Israel takes the Iranian threats at face value.  They’ve endured 65 years of statehood surrounded by countries that want the Jewish State pushed into the sea or in some other manner eliminated. As Israel’s ally, we should take the Iranian threat equally as seriously. The current stalemate is not likely to resolve in the near future. 
          Iran has been the central focus of anti-proliferation activities.  The failure to allow inspections combined with a complete lack of willingness to forge any sort of peace with Israel and the U.S.; tells us that Iran does not want anyone knowing how close they are to building a working warhead. 
          We haven’t heard quite as much about Iran in the past few weeks.  Our national attention is focused upon a comic-opera dictator in North Korea.  Kim Jung Un , hand-selected successor from the ruling family Kim  is striving to quickly outdo his late father in the public display of dementia.  North Korea may be able to mate  a warhead to an intermediate range missile, and send it down range.  It is likely that we can destroy such hardware if and when Kim decides to demonstrate to the world just how power mad and divorced from political and other realities he is. 
          There’s a question in my mind.  Are Iran and North Korea working in league to deflect the attention of anti-proliferation agencies, Israel, and western nations from their ongoing races to become nuclear-armed nations?  Does Iran saber rattle while North Korea tries to overcome some problem or smuggle in materials that are supposedly being denied them.  Does North Korea huff and puff to distract attention from Iran? 
          It is possible that such a conspiracy to acquire nuclear weapons exists between Iran and North Korea.  It is possible that Pakistan has become involved with both nations.  It is believed that the Pakistan nuclear program was the source of technical knowledge necessary to construct nuclear weapons that was leaked to Iran and possibly other states. It is possible that both nations will develop and build nuclear warheads in their “research facilities” dug beneath hundreds of meters of hard rock in sites difficult to eliminate by air attack.  Both Iran and North Korea are quite willing to sacrifice the lives of their citizens to block any and all attacks on those subterranean  facilities.
          It will be difficult to block any efforts by Iran or North Korea to complete their plans to become nuclear-armed countries.  The time to make that stand has, unfortunately slipped away from us.  Now, it will take far more powerful weapons to eliminate the nuclear threat wielded by a fundamentalist theocracy and a delusional megalomaniac without using nuclear weaponry against them. 
          Are the stakes high enough to justify such an attack? 

Shabbat Shalom

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