Sunday, April 21, 2013

21 April 2013 Dining at The Dining Room

Cassi Creek:  We decided to enjoy dinner out last night.  Since we were scheduled to attend a dance about 2 blocks distant from The Dining Room, we took advantage of the proximity.  The Dining Room has become one of our favorite places to eat.  They serve Cuban cuisine that would be stand out quality in Miami or Tampa. 
          We met some other customers who may drop in at a Contra Dance night.  Another group of diners did wander up to watch the dance. 
          The rest of the evening was in keeping with the early part.  The drive in was easy and there were many blooming redbud and dogwood trees to see along the road.  Spring in this region is a visual treat.  The pollen from all the flora is far less a treat.  More tomorrow

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