Saturday, September 8, 2012

8 September 2012 Dinner on Main Street and other events

          Yesterday morning we discovered that friends of Gloria, folk festival performers, would be playing in Jonesborough at the “Music On The Square” event.  We made plans to attend. 
          The road through Jonesborough, passing the Court House, is blocked off at 1700 and becomes “opera seating.”  Yesterday the temperature reached 90°F but the clear skies allowed for a timely cooling down by performance time. 
          We ordered Cuban Roast Pork sandwiches from The Dining Room and had a thoroughly enjoyable meal.  The music was well performed and was worth the trip into town.  Gloria’s friends recognized her despite a 20-year gap in seeing each other. 
          On other fronts, today’s forecast calls for rain so I decided after yesterday’s Hike with Mike to trim and mow.  While I was tackling the edges and areas with the gas powered string trimmer, Gloria was using a smaller, shorter battery-powered trimmer along the front of the house and around some flower gardens.  Suddenly she was waving her arms and motioning.  She had encountered a copperhead under a down gutter director. 
          This is the same area where I encountered one last autumn.  I moved in with the trimmer to dispatch it, and then discovered that it was actually two, engaged in making more.  We disposed of the carcasses in the creek bed to keep them away from Loki.  While they are a protected animal in TN, I don’t want any venomous animal taking up residence near the house. 
          That bit of excitement over, we finished mowing and discovered a dead rodent near the pool.  We initially suspected a propane leak but the propane company worker who came out to check for leaks couldn’t find anything.   A final search disclosed the culprit.  It also wound up on the downstream creek bed. 
          By the time we left for the evening’s entertainment, we were ready for a quiet evening. 

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