Monday, September 17, 2012

17 September 2012 For “energy policy”, read “snow job”

Toles provided the equation today. 

Cassi Creek: 
          The answer is readily evident, and can be answered correctly by solving from several disciplines. 
          In plain language, we have too many people using too many fossil fuels, releasing too much CO2 into our atmosphere, raising the global temperature.  Other problems include the use of repetitive lies to convince poorly educated voters that a “cleaner” form of coal exists to be mined, and that hydraulic and explosive destruction of subterranean rock strata will release hydrocarbons without contaminating overlying wells and other water sources. 
          We have too many people.  We are trying to feed and house more billions than the planet can support.  Immediate response to this facet of our problem should be a sharp and strict reduction in the birth rate, globally.  It is not hard to reason out this solution – fewer people to share in the same level of consumption would lead to a larger per capita portion for each consumer.  Of course, there is a grossly uneven distribution of wealth and consumables that will not be redistributed without the application of force at some point in time.  The rich and the very rich will not readily take part in redistribution of wealth and resources. 
          Also complicating the “too many people” facet, the insistence by fundamentalist Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other cults that irresponsible breeding is desired and required by the various sky faeries that were slipped into various cultures to avoid having to teach real science to people who would rather not read books and articles with polysyllabic words and without pictures of partially-dressed young people. 
          No one who has ever worked with coal can honestly call it a “clean fuel”  There is also nothing clean about mountain top removal.  Yet the campaign lies generator is complaining about “heavy-handed-regulators” as if the EPA was beating corporate board members into submission with cudgels and whips.  Living near strip strip-mined former mountains, I would support increased regulation by people with much heavier hands.  Where the energy companies are engaged in depleting natural resources and destroying watersheds and forests in the name of progress and profit, no lie should be allowed to go uncorrected.  There is no clean fossil energy.

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