Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 September 2012 B-40 in Ben Ghazi.

The news last night from from Egypt was discouraging, to say the least. Once again, an ateempt to stir up riots using Muslim mobs has generated violence in Middle East.
The far right, Christian & Jewish, has plotted to cause poorly schooled and impoverished Muslims to attack both a U.S embassy, and a consulate. Even worse, our ambassador to Libya and three other FSOs were killed by a b-40 blast.
            The U.S. culprit in this machination aimed at starting yet another Middle East war to benefit still more GOP/teavangelists who want to engage in another round of crusades for fun and profit. 
            The mob in Libya, counted yesterday, numbered in the thousands.  Today it totals only in the hundreds.  The organization involved in the mob action was clearly carrying out a pre-planned action as they stormed and damaged U.S. diplomatic territory.  The murder of U.S. diplomats is a grievous action that is not to be excused. 
            The politicization of this event by the Romney campaign, inappropriate and illegal is now taking place.  This is highly reminiscent of the sainted Reagan working behind Carter’s admin to keep the Iranian hostages in captivity until Reagan could assume office and gain credit for their release, credit he did not deserve.

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