Friday, September 14, 2012

14 September 2012 Bringing bacon-flavored popcorn, too.

          I generally have no concern for the pronouncements of film critics.  I wouldn’t recognize most actors if they introduced their selves, licked my hand, and told me how much my attendance at their film meant to them. 
          There is a growing problem in today’s world that can only be addressed by dragging some states into the 21st century and then dragging religion out of the political milieu.  The idea that religion has any role in modern government is grossly incorrect. 
          Religion, correctly identified as a crutch by Marx, grew into being in an effort to explain natural phenomena in a world missing higher mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and other scientific disciplines that do explain, very adequately, natural phenomena.  The addition of a priest class that made a very good living by appearing to intercede between human kind and the sky fairies that were imagined to control the workings of the universe; went a long way toward retaining a belief in those supernatural deities that might intercede in the physical world if enough supplication and sacrificial donations happened. 
          The general shakedown into 5 or 6 major religions that dominate such behaviors on planet Earth led to the sequential development of three desert-borne cults that tried to sell monotheism, direct visitation by prophets that swap behaviors, and that in the case of the latest developing 2, insist each is the only true pathway into some form of paradise at some undisclosed location invisible to any not directly invited by a deity.  These two also share the concept of endless punishment for failure to believe, to affirm, and to behave according to a peculiar version of a badly translated collection of bad verse and allegories borrowed from an even older collection of sky-borne rules. 
          What this has led us to is a situation in which the cult leaders of Islam have inculcated enough of their minions with the idea that a particular prophet  is such a magical power that any mention of its name, any refusal to believe as the most radical cult members do, requires the cult members to riot, destroy property, kill people, and generally behave as if non cult members must be forced to behave as if they, too,  believed in sky faeries and have no ability to think for their selves or to understand that outside their mosques and meeting halls, no one particularly cares what names, images, pictures, or insults are linked with the name Muhammad. 
          To be fair, I also could care less what similar behaviors are used when other imagined deities are mentioned.  Draw a picture of the Jesus faerie, paste it on a dog a donkey, or a caricature of a pope or priest who was extraordinarily evil, and ask me if I need to riot.  I may fall over laughing, but I will not be at all concerned about who attempts to insult which leader of whatever cult happens to be failing miserably to oversee the universe. 
          Today’s news tells me that riots and embassy attacks are happening in 11 nations, which allow Islam to interfere in government.  We need to protect our diplomats and our facilities.  Beyond that, we have no obligation to behave as if we are so poorly educated as to fit in to cultures that allow fictitious deities to interfere in our national affairs. 
          The fundamentalist Muslims, Christians, and Jews who are now interfering with the work of many governments worldwide need to be made to understand that the United States is not founded upon any religious platform and will not limit its citizens freedoms at the insistence of any religious fanatic belonging to any cult.  It is time for Islam and its followers to join the 21st century, time for modern nations to ignore the demands of any religious cult and to demand that cult members follow the rules of law and civil order.  

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