Friday, September 7, 2012

7 September 2012 Buy me a President, middle class lackeys.

          The conventions are over.  The minds of the majority of voters have been locked into decision now.  Those party faithful and those ideology driven have been herded into the feeder pens to fatten up on spin and BS; in hopes that their decision will somehow affect the undecided voters with whom they share breathing space.
          The next two months will be an unbroken series of advertisements, infomercials, and general bullshit put onto the public airways by the two major parties and the countless, uncontrolled super PACs. 
          One of the ads currently running, one that is true and that generates a huge amount of animosity every time I see it. Is the anti-Koch brothers ad that details what the Kochs will spend and what they will receive if they succeed in buying the election.  Their super PAC is funded by oil.  Every time we fill up and complain about the cost, we are re-funding their Super PAC.  We’re told that the gasoline prices are going up because of hurricanes, platform and refinery shutdowns, etc. 
          Gas prices are going up because of these weather events.  But they are also going up because the Kochs are not buying an election with their personal resources.  They’re paying for all the ads and other commercial lies with the money they squeeze from the end consumers. 
          That’s right; the ultra-rich, ultra-greedy, oligarchic Kochs are buying an election and paying for it with the money they squeeze from the middle class and working poor. 
          They will pay people to lie about Obama from now until the election is over.  Sadly, in too many instances, the lies will be believed by a target population that is too poorly educated to think for their selves.  

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