Monday, September 3, 2012

03 September 2012 When drones were used and troops protected

Cassi Creek:         CNN reports:
          “Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- An explosives-filled car slammed into a U.S. Consulate vehicle in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, killing two Pakistanis and wounding two U.S. consular staff, authorities said.
            While we are not “at war” with Pakistan we are in a state of conflict with much of its population and with quite a lot of its military establishment.  The highly militant Islamic nature of Pakistan’s populace, meshes easily with the Afghani Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban as well. 
            The capture and execution of Osama bin Laden carried out in Pakistan by U.S. troops without notifying the Pakistani military or civil government, has fueled an already incendiary situation that marks the diplomatic standoff and military distrust between the U.S. and Pakistan... 
            The continued use of Pakistan border areas by the Afghan Taliban has led to the deaths of Pakistani troops that often shelter their Afghan counterparts.  The use of UAV’s to locate and to target Taliban forces often results in the injury and death of Pakistani troops and civilians that might otherwise not have happened. 
            Still, the purpose of warfare is to apply force to cause changes in military and civilian policy of another nation. The nature of modern warfare cannot eliminate such collateral harm despite the greatest of care on the part of our forces.  The current Afghan War, despite the cost of high-tech weaponry and logistical support, is being carried out as cheaply as can be done when two oceans and two continents separate us from them. 
            Our civilians largely ignore the war and remain un-involved unless they have family members on the firing lines.  Our troops are being called upon to eliminate all civilian casualties and all collateral damage while prosecuting a war in a geographic area that historically cares little for human life beyond the tribal level.  Currently we are asking our troops to do the impossible.  Today, we welcome them home at airports, shake their hands, and show them on TV as they rejoin their families.  Both political parties fawn over them and try to use them for propaganda purposes.   I will be interested to see how they are treated by our government and our populace when this war is ended. 
            The Paul Ryan budget has already promised a 13% cut in funding for veterans’ services.  Welcome home, boys and girls!
Comes now, the GOP/teavangelists,   we have this new adventure taking place in the former Syria if we can sign up enough crusaders.

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