Friday, September 21, 2012

21 September 2012 Summertime done come and gone, my,oh,my

                              Today is the end of the longer, hotter, dryer than normal summer of 2012.  It has been characterized by hundreds of wild fires, lost homes, lost crops, closed river shipping,  dust storms, and a vanishing polar ice pack in the Arctic in concert with ice shelf loss in the Antarctic. 
We're going to stop in Jonesborough this afternoon.   We have to renew  our disabled hang tags.  There's a new sandwich place opposite the court house that we want to try for lunch.  We have no idea about the menu.  hopefully there will be something Gloria can eat.
   Tonight's dinner will be chicken wings left over from  last night's meal, and some sort of green vegetables.  
Today, tempreatures reached 80 F and will drop into the 50s before sunup.  The weather should be excellent to produce some fall colors.  
Shabbat Shalom!

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