Tuesday, September 4, 2012

04 September 2012 try to remember while deep in December

What fell like rain on the unprotected.

Cassi Creek:
“…When the war was younger, wasn't any open road,
Jungle brushed the sidestakes and blocked out the overhead.
Set up in the brush nearby, ambushes were hard to spot,
Troopers running Thunder Road too often wound up dead.

“Enter high technology, Monsanto, Dow and chemistry,
Sprayed it with defoliants that burned the jungle back.

Agent Orange, Agent White, one of them will work just right,
Turn the Thunder Road into a barren, safer track…”

Recently, the 5th and 7th lines of these verses of a poem have been rattling around the inside of my skull.  There’s some reason to believe that I had more reason to condemn the use of defoliants beyond the immediate, increasing the distance of the open ground between the road and the treeline, increasing the distance they had to charge on foot, under fire, to break an ambush.
          “One of them will work just right!”  That remains to be determined.

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