Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 September 2012 Nothing fantastic in today’s title line

          Yesterday was filled with anxiety generating events, which took place at Mountain Home VA hospital.  
          The time has come to evaluate a set of physical symptoms; and to rule out or confirm a diagnosis.  I took Gloria along yesterday, as two sets of ears can be a very good thing when one set doesn’t function all that well. 
          At present, I’m waiting for results on an ECG and have a echocardiogram scheduled for October.  The Dermatology clinic will get their bit of flesh at year’s end.  The major concern will be dealt with by a neurologist when that service has an opening. 
          The initial benefit from yesterday’s appointment is the replacement of a prescribed Lidocaine ointment with difficult to obtain, from VA’s formulary, Lidoderm patches that may allow a better degree of pain control for my neck and shoulders. 
          I have an appointment tomorrow PM with the PTSD clinic that I need to reschedule so that I can go with Gloria to her appointment. I’ve been trying to reach the PTSD office for several hours with no success.  There’s a comic routine and two novellas ready to spring from that sentence. 
          The morning’s rain has managed to dislodge the urge to parody The Fantastics.  Who knows which old standard from the 1950s will insinuate its way into my grey matter and spawn the next series of bad plays on words and puns. 
          Loki is happy.  There are squirrels approaching the rear deck bird feeders again.  She gets to watch, guard, and bark at their predations.  She has purpose again.  

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