Friday, March 9, 2012

9 March 2012 855 Collections

          The morning began well.  Woke up, happy to be here.   Took Loki out for the morning hike with Mike. 
          Upon my return, Gloria told me that “a litigator” had called from Missouri.  He told her that we had been used as references by a former son-in-law in order to obtain fraudulent loans.  He also told her that we were legally liable and would be subpoenaed.  He gave her a phone number in Florida where the supposed culprit lives. Insisted that we call that number and then report back to him. 
          To my discredit, I delivered the target person to him.  If he owes on loans, that is his affair to settle and I have no knowledge of them still, if I had thought this through I would have known it to be a lie. 
          Here’s the facts as they shake out.  
          The person who called Gloria goes by the name of George Rubin.
          Mr. Rubin claims to work for AFB & Associates, a California based company that makes large revenue chasing down college loan defaulters.  Mr. Rubin claims to be a “Missouri litigation officer.” 
          Mr. Rubin told Gloria that we were going to be subpoenaed and required to travel to Missouri.  He flatly misrepresented the amount of money supposedly obtained by fraud and stated that our signatures were on the fraudulent forms. 
          Down to brass tacks, Mr. Rubin lied to Gloria.  There is no subpoena and we are not involved in any college loans for anyone. 
          Mr. Rubin used the callback number 885-893-2466.  855 Area code is notorious for being used by collection agencies and scammers.  When I called him to complain about his lies and efforts to intimidate Gloria, he laughed and hung up on me. 
If Mr. Rubin or someone like him calls you, don’t believe their story.  Any call from an 855 number should be considered suspicious.   You are under no obligation to talk to or help a collection agency that lies to you. 

Shrimp tacos for dinner tonight.
Shabbat Shalom

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