Friday, March 23, 2012

23 March 2012 Like waves rolling onto the shoreline

          The forecast calls for rain.  The radar shows a line of small, as of yet, thunderstorms stacking up and rolling in from the southwest to the northeast.  It will rain, here, today!
          Unfortunately, the lawn needs to be mowed.  There’s trimming to be done, and I didn’t get my shoulders injected Tuesday because VA adjusted the schedule.  Handling a gasoline-powered string trimmer is going to be q whole lot of fun.
          The rain has reached Morristown and Knoxville on its steady march toward our location.  The cells are lining up like boxcars in a train yard.  When I finally decided to race the rain, I had already lost the race.  Tomorrow may present a better chance.  I’ll have to make the attempt much earlier in the day. 
          If the mower battery has held a charge I’ll be happy to hear it crank over.  If not I can hopefully jump it from the Pathfinder.  Jumper cables and batteries are a combination I prefer to avoid. 
          I’ll also have to start the soup base early tomorrow.  We’ll be dining on Bouillabaisse tomorrow evening and discussing local and national politics as well as the inanities and insanities of modern civilization.  I haven’t done a bouillabaisse in almost 7 years.  It is an expensive dish no matter how one makes it. 
          Tonight’s dinner is more of an uncertainty.  However, some sort of sustenance will pass our parted lips.  That can be counted upon.
Shabbat Shalom!

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