Friday, March 2, 2012

2 March 2012 No lions need apply

          At 0745, the regional radar display is already showing thunderstorm path projections for over 50 cells...  Our local radar at Morristown shows 14. 
          At 1157 tornado touchdowns with damage have taken place in TN – much too close for my comfort.  The NWS SPC has pushed up the probabilities of severe weather with tornadoes to the high level for north middle TN.  Our location has been upgraded to moderate risk with potential for further up grading.  The day is beginning to look far too much like last 27th April. 
          One of the more troubling things about living where we are is the inability to see approaching storms due to the high valley walls blocking vision.  Another is the pattern of storm motion that typically feeds the severe storms over our region after sundown and into the night.  Unless the storm development is somehow greatly slowed and degraded, it looks like a long night. 
          We’ve made tuna salad to have for dinner if it should be necessary.  All the flashlights have batteries; the dog is already in early warning mode. 
          Here’s wishing everyone a safe evening. 
Shabbat Shalom.  

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