Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 March 2012 Teavangelists say Trustworthy Corporate Bureaucrats can be believed

“The GOP’s gasoline alley

By Dana MilbankPublished: March 7
            “The Republicans are synthesizing a higher-octane blend in their bid to fuel Americans’ anxiety about rising gas prices.
            “The Republican National Committee sent out talking points instructing party faithful to take up the issue. House Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) urged his caucus to do the same. And, on Wednesday, the House energy committee obliged: The Republican majority called in a bunch of oilmen for a hearing dedicated largely to blaming President Obama for high gas prices…
Cassi Creek:
            The GOP\teavanagelists and their propaganda machine are busily spreading vicious lies about the cost of gasoline and other energy products.  They are using every form of media and every personality that they can hire to convince the public that the current price of gasoline is the responsibility of the current POTUS and his fictitious plot to push gasoline prices to $5.00/gallon.  This lie is being repeated endlessly on television, talk radio, and via every other form of media tangentially affected by or infected with Fox News. 
            Gasoline may well be sold for $5.00/gallon before this year ends.  However, if such prices are inflicted upon us, it will be at the choice of and for the profit of the energy corporations.    The mob, sadly, will continue to believe that the price increases are due to the current administration’s policies.  As with every other attempt by Obama to reverse the economy and to better the nation’s problems with health care, employment, and other ongoing problems, the mob will follow the judas goats provided by the propagandists working for the teavangelists and their ultra-wealthy financiers.    The mob is currently too poorly informed to vote intelligently and is descending to a point of even less well informed. 
            In December, in hopes of reducing medication costs, Gloria changed her Part D Medicare (pharmaceutical program) from coverage by United Healthcare to coverage by Humana.    I have a deep and long-standing distrust of Humana.    The Humana Rep promised Gloria that her current medications would be covered by Humana.  Without this assurance, Gloria would not have switched to a Human plan. 
            It is now March.  Since February, Humana has denied Gloria coverage for prescription renewal for the most expensive of her medications, the one she was specifically told would be picked up without interruption.  Gloria’s physician’s office has appealed, faxed multi-page forms to Humana, and called Humana.  All this has gained is a subsequent, rapid denial # 2. 
            The bureaucratic layers at Humana are demanding that Gloria document failure of a medication regimen that she attempted prior to being prescribed her current anti-glycemics last July.  They want to see a reported A1C value outside the range indicating successful treatment. 
            In short, Humana is demanding that a diabetic patient be denied a proven effective treatment in order to undergo 3 or more months of improper, non-tolerated medication, while her diabetes is allowed to become un-controlled.  This is Humana, risking certain harm to an insured patient in order to decrease benefits to that patient. 
            Please tell me again how we should believe the GOP\teavangelists concerning their claims that we should fear a health care plan with government  bureaucrats deciding who is treated adequately, who inadequately, and who denied  any treatment.   How do insurance company bureaucrats provide any better or more humane care for patients when insurance companies are driven solely by profit motives? 
            If you believe the energy companies and the health insurance companies’ propaganda, I have a bridge you might like to buy.

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