Sunday, March 4, 2012

4 March 2012 Cold winds blow through the frost and snow

          The next line is, of course, “and Jamaica rum would freeze!”
          I don’t expect it to be cold enough to freeze rum tonight, that takes place at about -40 °F/°C.  But it is expected to chill down enough to make snow probable. Projected snowfall is around 1-2 inches.  There may, of course, be more accumulation in the higher altitudes around us. 
          Fortunately, we have food, firewood, and no obligations to meet tomorrow.  So if the opportunity presents, sleeping in is an option.  I’ve hauled in two loads of wood for the stove already today.  I think there is enough inside to last the night.  There is more outside but I’d just as soon not carry any more today. 
          Dinner tonight may be hotdogs and beans.  It may also be pizza. Alternative three is soup.  Something warm and filling will be appropriate. 
          I’ve a lot of opinion to voice about the political world today but none of it is new.  I’ll refrain from repetition and return to reading “Light this Candle.”

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