Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27 March 2012 Humana practices bait and switch denies medication

          Type II diabetes is epidemic in the United States.  Treated effectively, a patient can live a long and productive life.  Treated inadequately it can result in shortened lifespan with sequelae that limit the quality of life markedly.
          Controlling weight gain by means of diet, exercise, and medication is a primary goal that every doctor sets for diabetic patients.  This can be difficult to achieve as the genes that predispose to diabetes also predispose to obesity.  Further, some anti-glycemic medications and even some anti-lipid medications seem to make weight control difficult. 
          Gloria has always followed such a strict diet that her Hgb A1C, marking the average level of that particular Hgb for the previous 3 months, has always fallen into the reference range for non-diabetics.  Yet her other medications have caused her to struggle to lose weight and to maintain that loss. 
          Therefore, her physician chose to put her on Victoza to see if that would help her lose weight.  Humana denied the drug, claiming that weight loss was not an adequate reason to prescribe the drug. 
          This is the same corporation that denies receiving any of the three appeals for coverage of Victoza, which her physician’s office has submitted via fax. 
          Humana’s corporate bureaucrats are directly interfering with decisions concerning treatment of patients by physicians.  This is being done in order to maximize profits while denying patients access to the medications their physicians prescribe. 
          Another gleaming example of the lie that United States health care is among the best in the world because it is market driven. 

For bait and switch, see 26 March 2012

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