Thursday, March 15, 2012

15 March 2012 May they get the devil they deserve

Karzai urges American pullback after massacre
From Sara Sidner, CNN
March 15, 2012 -- Updated 1518 GMT (2318 HKT)
            Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- American troops should pull out of outposts in Afghan villages to their main bases, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday, Karzai's office said, days after an American soldier was accused of leaving his outpost and killing 16 Afghan men, women and children in their villages.
Karzai called the shootings in Kandahar province a cruel act against the people of Afghanistan, and told Panetta that Afghans have lost trust in international forces, the presidential palace said in a statement…”

Cassi Creek:
          George W. Bush and his neocons\theocons put our troops into Afghanistan in 2001 for what were probably valid reasons.  The capture of Osama bin Laden and his merry band of religious fundamentalists was the avowed cause after it became apparent that the ruling Taliban would not surrender him and/or any shreds of Al Queda to stand trial for the attacks of Sept 2001 and previous attacks.  
          The best chance to capture/kill bin Laden was ruined by Bush Admin officials who backed down when Afghan troops refused to assault his suspected position at Tora-Bora, actually holding a company of U.S. troops at gunpoint to prevent them moving in until the intended targets had made it over the border and into Pakistan.  Following that debacle, we allowed the same incompetents to invade and occupy Iraq while putting the troops in Afghanistan on the back burner. 
          Now we are officially out of Iraq and are officially drawing down our forces in Afghanistan.  We are paying huge amounts of what can only be called bribes to the “elected government and agencies” while simultaneously negotiating with the resurgent Taliban; knowing full well that when we finally pull our last troops out, the elected government of Afghanistan will have beaten us across the border. 
          Today, the elected Afghan government has demanded that all U.S. troops be pulled into garrisons, stop joint operations, and any functions outside the wire.  The Taliban were more succinct, simply demanding we leave. 
          Anyone who has studied warfare can tell you that a force kept in garrison and isolated will achieve nothing beyond serving as a target for the opposition’s forces.  If this demand is met, there will be no further training of the, currently, useless Afghan security force or national police.  Those worthies will never advance beyond the disorganized, tribally dominated cluster-fuck that they are today. 
          There is really no reason to remain in Afghanistan.  If commercial enterprises wish to operate there, perhaps they can hire mercenaries to guard their operations and people.  But the U.S. should cease providing nation-building services immediately.
          When we do leave, the Taliban will rapidly regain civil control and rebuild their 8th century CE society.  They can outwait our forces and will. 
          We’ve been told to leave by one faction, the future government.  We’ve been invited to leave by the weaker faction but will be allowed to stay in large bases, as long as the flow of bribes to the current officials continues. 
          We’re broke, the troops are exhausted.  The citizens could care less about the war as long as the athletic broadcasts continue.  There is no remaining reason to expend the lives of our troops and our military hardware.  Bring them home, yesterday!


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