Monday, March 26, 2012

26 March 2012 Humana plays bait and switch with seniors.

 26 March 2012  Humana plays bait and switch with seniors.
          Humana, the health insurance company that spends millions of dollars in advertising designed to scare Medicare recipients into fearing they will lose health care benefits, is guilty of denying Medicare recipients the benefits they were promised.
          The threat brandished by Humana to convince seniors to sign up with its Medicare Advantage program is the classic claim that “government bureaucrats will determine who gets the treatment and medications prescribed by the patient’s doctor.”  In fact, once the patients have signed with Humana, it is a network of corporate bureaucrats who allow or deny the medications and treatments prescribed by physicians. 
          Case in point:
          Last July Gloria was prescribed a new medication, “Victoza,” to enable her to maintain blood glucose levels and to lose weight as a means toward more effective treatment of type II diabetes.  Her Medicare Part D carrier, at the time United Health Care, required her to undergo a trial with other, less expensive medication prior to approving the prescription for Victoza.  She did not tolerate the substitute medication and it did not provide adequate control of her blood glucose levels.  After this was documented, she was finally approved to receive Victoza.  She used the drug successfully.
          In an attempt to reduce out of pocket medicine expenses, she signed with Human.  She was promised by the agent who enrolled her that her Victoza would be covered with no break in service. 
          Since February, she has been trying to have her prescription renewed.  Humana keeps denying it.  She has had her doctor’s office appeal the denial multiple times.  Humana denies receiving the appeals.  She has been told by letter from Humana that they tried three times to contact her by phone on a day when both of us were here all day.  Humana has instructed her to call specified numbers, which she has called repeatedly for 6 days now with no return calls. 
          Last week she was told that the medication was approved by a Humana employee who seemed reluctant to tell her that it was approved.  Today she has spent most of four hours on the phone being shunted from non-helpful desk to openly obfuscating desk. 
          Tell me, GOP and teavangelists, why I should bear government workers denying benefits.  The private sector seems quite capable of doing it in order to increase corporate profits. 
          GOP health plan – get sick and die quick

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