Sunday, March 11, 2012

11 March 2012 Crusaders need not apply

“U.S. soldier detained after opening fire on Afghans; at least 16 killed
            “The Taliban was quick to weigh in on the incident, characterizing it as a “massacre” committed during the course of a night raid by American and Afghan forces.
            “The so-called American peace keepers have once again quenched their thirst with the blood of innocent Afghan civilians,” the Taliban statement said.
            “Provincial officials sent an investigative team to the villages where the shootings took place. The U.S. military launched its own probe.”

“Are U.S. troops being force-fed Christianity?

A watchdog group alleges that improper evangelizing is occurring within the ranks.”

          The new Crusades may well be underway.  We are currently engaged in a war in Afghanistan against a force of fundamentalist Moslems.  We are ending our involvement in another Moslem nation, Iraq, in which our major opponents are also Moslems of varying degrees of fundamentalism.  Inside our borders, we are engaged in surveillance directed against domestic Moslem, many of whom are citizens by birth and many others who are naturalized citizens.
          Since the attacks of September 2001, there has been a spiraling anti-Moslem behavior in this nation that is frankly wrong and dangerous. 
          The anti-Moslem behavior in the U.S. is largely driven by right wing evangelicals via mega-churches and “church”-owned media outlets; and by the politicians who look church ward for a political base and campaign financing. 
          While the 1st Amendment to or Constitution prohibits any formation of a national church, the right wing teavangelists, if they can find a way to circumvent the Bill of Rights, would happily form and enforce a theocracy in the U.S. If any group of citizens or any individuals attempt to maintain the integrity of the Constitution by preventing a national religion being established, they are quickly tarred with the anti-Christian\war on Christianity label and held up as un-American.  The mechanism is highly reminiscent of the McCarthy era. 
          The military basic training program is being used as a means of obtaining access to soldiers in order to expand proselytization within the ranks using peer pressure and official intimidation to force compliance.  The end result is an army that is being repeatedly and loudly told that it is performing a “holy” war against anti-Christian forces at home and overseas. 
          I seriously believe that the driving force behind the murder of 16 Afghan civilians by a single U.S. soldier will be tied to fundamentalist Christianity.  It will be found to stem from anger over the required awareness demanded toward Islam and Islamic traditions and, once again, the perceived insults and fictitious war against Christianity.  Someone within the soldier’s unit handed him a bible, harangued him about “Christian rights” in Moslem nations, and shoved him out into the local populace to become a Jihadi for Jesus, hopefully initiating a new iteration of the Crusades. 
          I hope I am wrong, that this was not instigated by the efforts of teavangelists in or out of uniform. But this is no longer the America that believes in the 1st Amendment or the 6th Amendment.  This is the America being shoved down the path to theocracy by leaders who should know better and by citizens who have no reservations about forcing their religion down the throats of their neighbors and fellow citizens. 
          And if the teavangelists can destroy our Bill of Rights in the pursuit of a theocracy, what are a few more Afghani deaths?

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