Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 March 2012 Johann Sebastian and me

          This is a truly amazing piece of music that I feel to be timeless.  In some aspects, this was as improvisational as a Grateful Dead performance.  From Tocatta and Fugue to Rhapsody in Blue, Bach found the first pathway to the works of countless other composers and musician who might otherwise never found it possible to vary from the old forms.

          I am 64 today.  The day began well and I see no reason for that to change.  There were congratulatory calls from my mother and Shea and Brigitte, many on-line wishes for a memorable day, all following a huge, beautiful smile from Gloria. 
          I must admit that when the Beatles first sang, “When I’m 64.” I never envisioned myself reaching this age.  To be honest, the odds were against it.  I had to survive a war, tobacco addiction, and PTSD. 
          With that behind me as far as it can be, I’m doing what I can to keep the odds in my favor now.  At 64, I feed us most of the time. Gloria provides some excellent dishes when she is the cook for the day. 
          Today is sunny, noon temperature has recorded as 76°F and will go higher before thunderstorms or sunset cools us down.  The air is filled with wasps looking for nesting sites.  Huge bumblebees and carpenter bees buzz benignly around the deck.  The squirrels are keeping Loki occupied as she guards the bird feeders. 
          Gloria’s expecting the hummingbird migration any day now.  I need to mow and trim this week.  The season has decidedly changed from winter to full-on spring.  I am happy that the OT review showed improvement in grip and dexterity. I don’t expect miracles.  However, I’m happy that this latest series of VA workups may have some benefits beyond getting my meds reviewed.
          I’m 64 today.  I woke up happy; I’ll go to sleep happy!  That’s a lot to be grateful for.  Thanks, Gloria!

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