Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7 March 2012 Still I Live in hopes to see, the “Holy Ground” once more

          The United States seems to be besieged by puritanical, pious, sanctimonious, bible-thumping evangelical Christians who have it in their minds to replace our democratic republic with a theocracy.  They will, of course, legislate endlessly to obtain this governmental nightmare and to require that all citizens and residents of this nation become carbon copies of the fundamentalists, they think their religion demands. 
          Look at Iran, or perhaps Pakistan and you’ll see what the evangelical goal for  this country is.  If you prefer a Catholic theocracy, you need only look at Latin America with its native peoples enslaved by the Church and birth rates that eclipse those of rabbits. 
          Tennessee’s teavangelist/GOP primary took place yesterday and the winning candidate is the potential Grand Inquisitor, former Senator Santorum.  The state’s evangelicals seem to be willing to roll the social and cultural calendars back to the 19th century or earlier.  The chance to become a national candidate for office may fall into the lap of a white male who rejects birth control of any form, who will watch an adult female die painfully and needlessly rather than save her life by terminating a pregnancy. 
          I have listened to Santorum’s pronunciations and have no doubt that under his administration the separation of church and state would vanish into his agenda to restore public floggings, forced maternity cloisters, criminal penalties for selling, purchasing, possessing, and using any form of contraception beyond Vatican roulette.  It is easy to see him and his religious emulators bring back the religious conflicts that initially aided immigration to the new world.  Mass expulsions, the demise of public schools, forced membership in a state-sponsored church are not that improbable if such overly sanctimonious men gain and control public offices.
          That control seems all too possible given the GOP\teavangelist platform of taxing the poor to help the rich. If the planks that support destroying the 1st Amendment are allowed to remain in the agenda the right’s voter base will eagerly destroy the freedom from state religion that we now enjoy.  Part of the groundwork has been laid by idiots such as Palin and other evangelicals who eschew science for mythology, education for illiteracy, history for propaganda. 
          We need to recall that the puritans landed in New England not because they were seeking a legal means of practicing their religion; but because they were such pious, sanctimonious, judgmental, un-forgiving, bastards that no one was willing to live near them.  That is who I recall when I see an image of Santorum with his finger pointing upward as if he has some link to the Vatican via some unwashed, hair-shirted hermit. 
          Look back to today’s title.  The white males who will back Santorum’s demands to return to the morality of the 19th century, the male-dominant portion of it will thrive in the double standard that existed then and which will rapidly evolve again.  While copulation will, of course, only take place for procreation, women will die carrying and delivering unwanted fetuses; of STD’s brought home by their male masters, and of sepsis caused by home-made or back alley abortions.  
          The “Holy Ground” above is not a church, a hospital, or even a cemetery.  Far from it!  The Holy Ground is a prime example of what a theocracy would encourage. The Holy Ground was any of several brothels in seaports around the world.  The town of Cobh in Ireland may be the source for the song.   There was also s NYC red-light district known as the Holy Ground, 
          We know how destructive theocratic wars can be.  We know that the most vicious, most costly of civilian lives, wars are those started by religious fanatics.  If there is ever a 2nd American Civil War it will likely be started by people claiming that there is a “war on Christianity.”  There isn’t such a war, despite the insistence of various demagogues and fanatics.  However, there may well be grounds if we don’t find a mechanism to delete religion from civil life. 
            “And regarding the New York “Holy Ground”, From City of Eros:
“The most prominent prostitution district after 1770 and into the early nineteenth century was the famed “Holy Ground.”  In the two blocks along Church, Vesey, and Barclay streets, the city’s most expensive “houses of debauchery” prospered on land owned by the Episcopal church and adjacent to King’s College (later Columbia University). On the eve of the Revolution, one observer remarked that over five hundred “ladies of pleasure [kept] lodgings contiguous within the consecrated liberties of Sr. Paul’s [Chapel].”  
            “There is nothing surprising that prostitutes and sailors might frequent the same neighborhoods.  I have long thought that the claim that prostitution is the “oldest profession” is obviously wrong.  After all how could the ladies practice their profession without a pre-existing sailor?  Sort a chicken and egg problem involving who gets laid, so to speak.”
Nor is there any real separation of harlotry and high Church official in the years since Constantine legitimized the Christian faith.  Countless priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes have demonstrated that males will overlook the transgressions of males as pertains to canon law and civil law.  I would expect nothing else in a new American Taliban. 
            I trust Santorum and his theocratic supporters no more than I would trust the Taliban in Afghanistan or Pakistan. 

The Holy Ground

  1. Fare thee well my lovely Dinah,
    A thousand times adieu
    For we’re going away from the Holy Ground,
    And the girls we all love true
    We will sail the salt seas over,
    And then return for shore
    To see again the girls we love,
    And the holy Ground once more
    You're the girl that I adore,
    But still I live in hope to see
    The holy Ground once more
  2. And now the storm is raging,
    And we are far from shore
    And the good old ship is tossing about,
    And the rigging is all tore
    And the secret of my life, my love,
    You're the girl that I adore
    But still I live in hope to see,
    Holy Ground once more
    You're the girl that I adore,
    But still 
    I live in hope to see
    The holy Ground once more
  3. And now the storm is over,
    And we are safe and well
    We will go down to a public house,
    And sit and drink like hell
    We will drink strong ale and porter,
    And we’ll make the rafters roar
    And when our money is all spent,
    We will go to sea once more
    You're the girl that I adore,
    But still I live in hope to see
    The holy Ground once more, 

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