Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28 March 2012 It makes me proud to be from…

          Fill in the blank for the town, city, county, state, region, nation of choice. 
Corporations Wrote a Law Requiring Climate Denial be Taught in School. Tennessee Just Passed It.
…“One such model bill has just passed the Tennessee state legislature, and this one mandates that schools teach climate science as a theory alongside other 'credible' theories—like those ones preferred by fossil fuels companies, for example, that hold that global warming is caused by solar cycles and other nonsense. Sound familiar? This is the same structural tactic employed by creationists to try to discourage the teaching of evolution in schools…”

Cassi Creek: 
                The people we elect to govern us should be of somewhat higher intellect than the average citizen.  They should understand that the term “Theory” does not signify unproven or questionable in nature.  Thus, the theories of evolution and of human mediated global climate change are demonstrable truths.  Plants and animals do evolve, proving Darwin correct.  The rise in mean high tide due to decreased polar icecaps is also demonstrable. 
                The local elected leaders in Tennessee have all deliberated about how to assure that the state’s children are to receive an education that takes note of the “possibility” that climate change and evolution might possibly be real and demonstrable.  Such scientific subjects, even if real, do not agree with what appears to be the textbook of absolute authority – that confusion of allegories, genealogies, and myths concerning creation, global disaster, and imaginary heroes and dreamers that Christians believe instead of science based information. 
                In their collective wisdom, the good Christians in Nashville have decided that if students are to be burdened with pagan-derived science, they must also be fed the myths that have generated Christian dogma. 
                I vaguely recall a trial about teaching evolution that resulted in Tennessee becoming a target of derision among educated people not living in what are now called “red states.”  Not to be outdone by their predecessors, the current generation of legislators has not only challenged evolution but also the disciplines of geology, meteorology, climatology. In addition, various schools of physics, chemistry, biology, and genetics have been flagged as being tools of Pagans, atheists, socialists, and “liberals.”
                Since we’ve been committed by our elected officials to teach children that myths are as valid as science, we may as well tell them to commit fully to teaching folly.  It is time to include education blocks about Santa Claus, Easter bunnies, tooth fairies, and all manner of fictional creatures. 
                We can revel in our collective ignorance much as does contiguous Kentucky with its creation museum depicting the co-existence of man and dinosaur, or the follow-on life-sized ark museum complete with animal pairs.   
                We’ve already created such a low quality education in the red states that a few more laws such as the one linked above can’t further damage the level of education being demanded by Christians in control of education.  I can’t imagine anyone being content to have their children taught such drivel in public schools.  Perhaps the parents in the red states can’t imagine their spawn competing with people educated in the real world.  Perhaps they’ve had so much religious mythology hammered into them by our Taliban that reality has become whatever myth they heard repeated last. 
                One thing is for certain.  I’m not proud of Tennessee public schools or Tennessee schools products.  If, unlike me, you plan on the good fairy or some mythical angel swooping in to set it all aright with a sweep of its slide-rule, clap your hands.
                Oh, wait!  That’s Disney Land where magical thinking is based upon science.  

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