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8 January 2012 Reason to believe JFK, reason to fear Santorum

The Grating Santorum
Published: January 7, 2012
“RICK SANTORUM was locking down the youth vote….
“Serving in the military is not an unalienable right, it’s a privilege, you’re selected,” replied the candidate, who wants to restore “don’t ask, don’t tell.” He also called marriage “a privilege, not a right,” for the purpose is procreation…
Rick Perry baits gays because it’s good politics; Santorum sincerely means it. His political philosophy is infused with his ├╝ber-Catholicism but lacks humanity…
Santorum thinks he’s a bold color and Romney’s a pastel. But the whole Republican field seems ensconced in a black-and-white ’50s diorama. It’s like they’re running for president of Leave It to Beaverland.
As Tony Soprano told Meadow, “Out there it’s the 1990s, but in this house, it’s 1954.”

Reversing JFK: Santorum’s bid to marry faith and politics

“…Many politicians have ideological concerns about issues like abortion or gay marriage, but “in Santorum’s case, it’s fundamentally religious,” says Richard Land, public policy chief at the Southern Baptist Convention. “That’s the genetic code of his life.”
 it was a conventional American Catholic upbringing in the 1960s and ’70s: The Santorums said grace before meals, sent their kids to Catholic grade school and spent absolutely no time discussing how religion influenced their public policy views.
American Catholics at the time were living in the shadow of John F. Kennedy’s famous 1960 speech in which he insisted that neither his faith nor his church would have any influence on his presidency…”
Santorum would spend his political life trying to reverse the effects of Kennedy’s pledge. He argued that Kennedy “sealed off informed moral wisdom into a realm of non-rational beliefs that have no legitimate role in political discourse.”

Cassi Creek:  When it comes right down to brass tacks, there is little more that needs to be said in amplification.  Kennedy was first an American and then a Catholic.  He did his best to keep his faith out of political affairs.  Santorum, should he be elected POTUS, would do everything in his power to roll back the status of Americans to the days when the Vatican ruled politically and culturally.  This was unacceptable then and is even more so now. 
          Notes from Saturday night recycled.
          1937 Saturday night finds me sitting in the Jonesborough visitors’ center, dancers on my left, shoes on my right.  The Historic Jonesborough Dance Society chose to collect shoes for a charitable group of some sort.  Dancers have been bringing in shoes all evening and dropping them against the wall. A group of women is hard at work pairing, repacking paired shoes, and discarding boxes and single shoes.
          Both doors to the dance hall are wide-open, funneling footsteps, conversation, clapping, and music outward.  It meets with the shoe processing chatter and clatter.  It makes it very difficult to hear voices at what passes for an admission gate. 
          The charity involved is “soles4souls”  It is headquartered in Nashville, which suggest some affiliation with a Baptist organization.  Their literature lists a whole series of nations where it is active.  All the new world nations listed are, not surprisingly, officially Catholic in nature.  The other nations, old world, are officially, and most likely happily non-Christian. I have the unshaken belief that no one gets shoes without mouthing the requisite prayers and singing the requisite songs. 
          We brought in quite a few pairs of shoes to donate.  We aren’t wearing them and we don’t mind seeing them recycled.  The parent charity’s nature can be overlooked tonight.  We recognize that our contribution is Tzedakah at some level
          The drive in to the dance was made on wet roads with patchy fog.  For some reason fog lights seem to be wired in so that the headlights remain on along with the fog lights. This presents a wider glare field and tends to mask the edges of the road.  There are almost no shoulders to the roads.  The rain rate was just high enough to require wipers and just low enough to assure a streaked windshield.  The drive home will most likely be much the same.  It is always a relief to pull into the driveway.  All other roads between here and home are subject to drunken/impaired drivers. 

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