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21 January, 2012 January White sales mythology & primaries

Newt’s Southern Strategy
Published: January 20, 2012

                “Up with Newt. Down with dignity. That’s the way it goes.
                “Newt Gingrich is surging in South Carolina and has a good chance to win that state’s primary on Saturday. But, as he rises, so grows the dark shadow that he casts over his party and the grievous damage he does to its chances of unseating President Obama.”

Posted at 02:01 PM ET, 01/20/2012
Grandiose? Look at yourself, Rick Santorum.

Commentators are giving Rick Santorum a lot of attention for insisting on Thursday night thatRepublicans didn’t need a “grandiose” leader like Newt Gingrich, or a flip-flopper like Mitt Romney…
                …”Speaking in front of a banner that read, “PersonhoodUSA,” Santorum’s point, of course, wasn’t biological — it was theological. He was not merely saying that sperm uniting with egg satisfies some technical definition of basic life; he was arguing that it creates a human with a soul and moral rights identical to those any of us have. And while science tells us when the brain forms and when it begins to function — long past conception — science has not been able to establish whether or when a soul enters any collection of cells.
Santorum’s declaration arrogantly dismissed those who — perfectly reasonably — hold a different view on the question of when human life meaningfully begins, for which there is no definitive answer, and it denigrated those who aren’t sure. It also abused the crucial notion that knowledge can be distinguished from belief. In that, it was subversive to the very underpinnings of modern society, which relies on the rational accumulation and application of hard evidence to do everything from launching space shuttles to designing factories that pump outinexpensive sweater vests…”
Cassi Creek:
          From my vantage point, what, where, and to some extent when and with whom Gingrich chooses to engage in sexual activity is of relative little concern to me. Unfortunately, Gingrich and supporters are hell-bent upon interfering in my sexual activities and freedom. The Christian Right’s insistence upon forcing their religion and its fundamentalist restrictions onto everyone else is not acceptable.  Their continual cries of “anti-Christian persecution” directed at those who prefer not to be forced into a theocracy driven by the American equivalent of the Taliban are increasingly growing old and have always been a blatant lie designed to stir up members and membership, in consequence, bringing in large amounts of revenue to the ruling fathers (there are no founding mothers – only founding breeding stock) who then funnel portions into campaign funding for the teavangelist elect.  (Diagram that sentence if you can)
          The voter base Gingrich is trying to stir up is the remnant of the populace who fought tooth and nail for segregation and against the Civil Rights laws of the 60s.  These are the same good souls who marched in white robes and hoods in effort to intimidate black citizens and whites who actually understood that Christianity, if practiced accurately and honestly, had to support equal rights and opportunity.   No one wants to admit in public that the Southern Baptist church was established to support the South’s continued demands for legal slavery; just as they prefer not to admit that women are excluded from the priesthood (call it what you will) and are commanded to be subservient to men.  I see little to distinguish the fundamentalism of America from that of Islamic states beyond the language used and the name on the sacred book. 
          We've left the era of divine right rulers behind and I have no interest in restoring that type of government to the hypocrites of the teavangelist party. If the ex-wife disclosure had taken place on Fox News in referent to a Democratic candidate the hate mongers who cheered Gingrich on would still be applauding Fox News actions in attacking “immorality and hypocrisy in the Godless, socialist, Democrats.”
          The southern base is solidly in the Gingrich camp because he plays to the residual, ingrained from birth racism that exists still in those states.  Santorum tags along using the linked fundamentalist dogma that is used to prevent women receiving reproductive freedom at all levels.  The various evangelicals will pair with anyone sharing their dogma about sexual freedom.  Santorum, if he hangs around long enough, will discover that his Roman Catholicism is regarded by the teavangelists to be just as much of a cult as is Mormonism. 
          The primaries are underway and the 2012 white sales are doing a booming volume in white sheets and robes. 

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