Friday, January 13, 2012

13 January 2012 First fire them, then discard them

“The real battle for the soul of America
By Ruth MarcusPublished: January 12
            “Mitt Romney likes to say that this election is a battle for “the soul of America.” He’s right — just not in the way that he thinks.
            “Romney asserts that President Obama wants to “fundamentally transform America,” turning the country “into a European-style entitlement society.” In fact, Romney and his Republican presidential rivals have a far more radical transformation in mind. They envision a dramatically shrunken federal government and a dangerously unraveled social safety net…”
Cassi Creek:  We’re going to be screwed by the GOP/teavangelists/theocons once again.  They’re going to finish outsourcing every possible job to their sweatshops/factories in the third world.  They’re going to use the same strategy that has worked so well since Nixon’s southern strategy, inflaming the working class voters who once had jobs and belonged to unions by coaxing them into voting yet again for the lackeys of the people who shipped their jobs offshore and who own the financial houses that foreclosed on their homes.   Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance benefits are all in the sights to be blown out of the present world by men who want to roll the calendar back to the days when Vanderbilts, Rockerfellers, and other robber barons traveled by private rail car on railroads they owned. 
          The people talking most loudly about the “soul of America” are the people who want to own that soul and the soul of everyone who can be convinced to listen to them.  They will happily equate social safety nets with “European socialism” and ignore the massive amounts of money being stripped from the pockets of working class by the religious charlatans who were fed evangelical Christianity from birth by the corporate churches and the robber barons who own them. 
          There may be some hope this year that the working class will realize that they are voting for their own destruction.  If the GOP candidates continue to shred each other publically, they may provide the working class and the former middle class with enough incentive to look beyond the church pews and the AM talk radio jocks.   We can only hope.

          Also of deep concern, the behavior of our troops in Afghanistan.  

We don’t support the Geneva Accords to make the enemy happy.  We support and enforce their criteria for behavior on and around battlefields for the safety and proper treatment of our troops if they are captured, if they are wounded and captured, and if they are killed and their remains fall into enemy hands.  While the Taliban irregulars are not members of a uniformed force, it is in our best interest to treat them as if they are, either alive or dead. 
          I have no trouble knowing how I would respond to images of Americans KIA being treated as we have done the irregulars in the now famous images.  Therefore, I have no difficulty knowing how the families, friends, and squad mates of those Taliban are responding to the pictures. 
          There is no acceptable excuse for the actions of our Marines.    They have made it much less likely that our troops, if captured, will be treated appropriately.   If I were one of them facing capture, I’d save the last bullet for myself. 


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