Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18 January 2012 Reconstruction in name only

 Preaching Division in South Carolina

Published: January 17, 2012
                “By mixing falsehoods with racial condescension, Newt Gingrich brought a raucous presidential debate crowd to its feet on Monday night in South Carolina, further cheapening his reputation and that of the state Republican Party…”
Cassi Creek:  I recall all too well the murders of young people in Mississippi in the summer of 1964.  Two of them were summer volunteers, willing to help with voters’ registration of black citizens of Mississippi.  They were immediately classified as “outside agitators” and incurred the instant hatred of local residents.   The third was a native Mississippian, guilty of hoping to elevate his self and other black citizens above the nearly feudal, disenfranchised status imposed upon them by the white power structure.  His attempt to better his lives, and that of others to help him carried a death sentence as certainly, as if they had been tried and convicted in open court. 
  will provide some background information.  Please read it if you are too young to recall the actual events of that summer. 
          This is the history that has fueled the hatred of Obama since his election as POTUS.  This is the anger caused by the refusal of whites to regard African – American men and women as equal under the law, as deserving of equal opportunity in jobs, education, housing, and healthcare.  This is the separation of our citizens from each other fueled by Nixon’s southern strategy, by Reagan’s fictitious “welfare queen” campaign lies.  This is the animosity underlying the campaign lies spread by Palin and others about young women having children outside of marriage in order to obtain more “welfare” money.  This is the history that causes whites to view liberation theology in black churches as anti-American communism while listening to hate mongers lie about plans by Muslim Americans to destroy the nation.  These are the things men and women of honor and integrity, citizens with functional intellects have tried to remove from our society, our culture, and our legal system.   These are the old hatreds and ingrained bigotries that most of us know to be lies and stupidity. 
          This is the history that Gingrich is trying to bring back to the surface as he and Santorum trade bigotry for dogma in South Carolina.  This is the hatefulness Gingrich hopes to reignite with his “food stamp President” label.  This is the prejudice he wants to stir up about birth rates, marriage rates, and the fear that someone else might get a penny of tax money paid to the federal government.  This is the hatred that drives the phrase and dogma of “states rights.” 
          This is the hatred sponsored and spread by Reagan, Palin, Santorum, Perry, Gingrich, Robertson, and countless politicians at every level who have nothing but fear and hatred to peddle to uneducated, out of work, fearful, impoverished citizens who think backward to when they believed they were better off than black citizens because they had drinking fountains with their race on them. 
          I recall too well that brutal summer of 1964 and I am horrified, not at what happened then, but at how little progress we’ve actually made since then.                                                                                                                                                                                             

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