Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 January 2012 Are we there yet

I want this election over - now
By LZ Granderson, CNN Contributor
updated 10:46 AM EST, Tue January 3, 2012
Cassi Creek:  The 2012 election campaigns essentially began when Barak Obama was declared the victor in 2008’s Presidential election. The field of opponents has waxed and waned as various politicians and others, power-hungry and wealthy, have tested the levels of monetary and political support that they might muster.  It has also included the greedy and delusional along with evangelicals who wish to do away with all other forms of religion and to create a theocracy that would rival the Puritans in false piety and priggishness.
          I don’t want to be subjected to another 9 months of this campaign.  I don’t want the robo-calls at dinner.  I don’t want to hear politicians whining about negative campain ads when they are responsible for writing the laws the made such non-stop corporate-funded propaganda possible. 
          Ron Paul is too old to run for POTUS.  Have we all forgotten that Reagan was senile during a large part of his terms of office.  If we want someone to occupy a chair and smile for the television cameras, I’ll do it for a whole lot less.  Gingrich is a self-implicating liar.  He was a lobbyist despite his attempt to call it anything else. 
          Santorum is bound to return the clock and calendar to any time before the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment.  So are Perry and Bachmann.  We don’t need to be controlled by evangelical’s intent upon bringing about the 2nd coming.   Houseman and Romney belong to a cult of wealth and polygamy. That bothers most evangelicals, who are only allowed one wife. 
          That leaves only Obama to vote for.  See how easy that was?  Are we there yet?  Don’t make me stop this year!

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