Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 January 2012 Aim for the foot again

Republicans have only themselves to blame
By Richard Cohen, Published: January 30
“On Saturday night, at precisely 9:19 and 30 seconds, my iPhone, my iPad, my computer and, for all I know, my toaster were informed that Herman Cain had endorsed Newt Gingrich. The ping-ping of the devices suggested that something momentous had happened — alerts from both The Post and the New York Times — but in fact it was just additional evidence that the Republican Party has become a circus: One clown endorsed another.”

          This situation would be highly amusing if it was happening in some banana republic that had never known representative government or had social safety nets, good schools, and trustworthy leaders.  Seeing it unfold here is painful, and is going to become much more painful.
          The GOP is bleeding badly, thanks in large part to idiot candidates like Gingrich and Palin who manufacture dissent and fracture truth into smaller bites to feed the bottom-feeding teavangelists that clamor for their groundless attacks upon the media and upon any voter who actually studies the issues and reads history that doesn’t come from cartoons. 

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