Thursday, January 26, 2012

26 January 2012 Moonlight wails as hound dogs bay…

…but never quite catch the tune
Stars fall down in buckets like rain
till there ain't no standin' room
Bright blue boxcars train by train
clatter while dreams unfold
Way down 
down along
Lazy River Road
("Lazy River Road"
Words by Robert Hunter; music by Jerry Garcia
“Lazy River Road”, “Liberty” and “So Many Roads” were introduced into the Grateful Dead rotation toward the end of the band’s existence.  There was a perceived need for new material and a few new ballads were phased into the rotations. 
          “So Many Roads” was first played 22 Feb 1992 during the 1st Set. 
“From the land of the midnight sun
 ice blue roses grow
'long those roads of gold and silver snow
Howlin' wide or moanin low
So many roads I know
So many roads to ease my soul”
Liberty was originally recorded by Robert Hunter in 1988
Ooo, freedom
Ooo, liberty
Ooo, leave me alone
To find my own way home
To find my own way home
I'm gonna find my own way home”

I happen to like the bridges in So Many Roads,” and Lazy River Road,” finding them sadly well suited to the deteriorating state of Jerry Garcia’s voice and capacity to stand with a heavy guitar slung over a body weakened by CHF while playing for 2.5 – 3 hours. 
          Today began with an 0530 wakeup and a dental appointment to have to cavities filled.   The lidocaine has worn off now and I can drink from a cup without drenching myself.  Possibly falafel tonight.

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