Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17 January 2012 0421 Not even 0 dark-30

          That is exactly the time something snapped me from sleep to bitter, resistant awareness.  Measuring pain levels and the amount of sinus congestion, I knew there was no chance of getting back to sleep. 
          I got up, checked the stove, retrieved the newspaper as well as the replacement for yesterday’s missed delivery. 
          Gloria had blood draws to be done this morning.  I drove her to Greeneville and we both waited an hour for the office to draw her labs.  Following that we bought gasoline, and went out for what we had expected to be an 0900 breakfast rather than a 1030 brunch. 
          Tonight is the Adult Jeopardy on line exam.  I had hoped to, like Arlo, “be my best.”  However, with almost no sleep, far too much caffeine, and a left hand that is decidedly less responsive and dexterous than its opposite, I’m not overly confident in my ability to wrangle an invitation for further testing. 
          Still, I like to believe I’m capable of playing and winning Jeopardy if the mix is not all sports and opera.  So when the curtain goes up on my notebook and the music begins, I’ll be glued to the exam.  You’ll most likely hear me as I scream out my last answer, “That Russian woman, Fukifinova!”

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