Thursday, January 19, 2012

19 January 2012 The depth of stupidity has yet to be fully plumbed

          While Santorum is being called the Iowa GOP caucus winner, while Perry is dropping out, Gingrich is planning to commit utter folly. 
          His former wife is to be interviewed on television, with the interview televised prior to the primary most likely.
“AP Source: ABC Interviewed Gingrich Ex-Wife
By DAVID BAUDER Associated Press
NEW YORK January 19, 2012 (AP)
ABC News interviewed Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich's second wife — with whom he's said he has no relationship — and is likely to air the segment Thursday on "Nightline," an ABC News executive told The Associated Press.”
            There are few people capable of running for political office who are without some sort of skeleton from their past.  I include myself in the skeleton crew.    Gingrich, however, is guilty of carrying on an extra-marital affair while spending millions of taxpayer dollars to prosecute President Clinton for his Lewinsky affair.   Gingrich lacks the moral character to recognize the hypocrisy he is demonstrating by claiming to be the morality and religion candidate. 
            The worst of his plots and plans still lies further down beneath greater depravity.  In order to mobilize his redneck, teavangelist, anti-intellectual base, he is waving the potential inclusion of Sarah Palin in a Gingrich administration.  And the teavangelist base will support such stupidity.  If Gingrich wins the nomination, Palin will worm her way into some office she will be utterly unqualified to fill.    It may be only a short time until we see one of the super pacs posting ads with Obama’s face in a telescopic sight. 

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