Sunday, January 15, 2012

15 January 2012 There is no limit to mean or stupid.

          Romney parle français,  亨斯说中 (Huntsman speaks Chinese). 
Posted at 07:06 PM ET, 01/13/2012
The stupidest attack on Mitt Romney yet, pardon my French
          Gingrich has the temerity to attack Romney for learning a foreign language.  The thrust of this ad is to separate Romney from the bulk of the teavangelist base.

Gingrich: Romney Speaks French, Just like John Kerry

                Gingrich may have learned French as well in order to research his dissertation due to the fact that his doctorial dissertation on education in the Belgium Congo cites numerous French languagedocuments. Gingrich also interviewed a number of people in Belgium. French is one of the major languages in that country.
One supposes that Gingrich could have employed a translator, thus escaping the taint of being fluent in the French language. One wonders what the fuss is about, however.
Cassi Creek:         I have no understanding of  the current hatred of the French people, language, or politics.  I studied French for two years in high school in order to meet collegiate entry requirements.  I chose French over Spanish because of the many contributions French citizens have made to science, agriculture, music, and literature.  My French language accomplishments are now mostly buried along with other non-technical/scientific facts retained from high school and college classes.  I actually did use a bit of it in VietNam. 
          Even VietNamese peasants had more second and third language skills than most Americans of that period, who have no exposure to any foreign language other than the brand of English they believe Jesus used to dictate the King James Bible. 
          The 60’s and 70’s were still a time when education was valued and when we approved of political candidates who were smarter than the average voter. For some reason, since the space race and cold war ended we want our politicians to forego upper level education and to appear as dumb as the 8th grade dropouts who fail to understand why they can’t find a job. 
          Reagan presided over the initial dumbing down as he fed the public one lie after another written by his handlers for his owners.  George W Bush presented with the barely literate personae that grew in popularity and spawned the barely literate Palin quasi-candidacy that prove Palin had no final goal beyond fleecing those supporters who had already purchased authentic autographed pictures of Jesus from some televangelist and now were willing to purchase Palin’s books. 
          Now we’ve come to Gingrich, who is quite willing to criticize any amount of education and anyone who has passing acquaintance with grammar.  He’s trying to link Romney to John Kerry and to further drive a wedge between the southern red states and the northern blue states.  He’s quite willing to re-open the Civil War.  One would think that a “history professor” would recall what a disaster that visited upon the nation.  Gingrich seems to have missed that class. 

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