Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 January 2012 Only the rich fire insurance companies

Cassi Creek:

I’d love to own the copyrights on these graphics for the next 10 months.  Everything the Democrats post or publish should use these easily understood bits of comic strips and comic books. 
          Mitt Romney likes to fire people; he admitted it on camera.  Apparently some likely to be fired campaign staffer told him how cold and cruel that bit of truth in advertising sounds to most of the populace.  The amended version, sanitized and spun, is that Romney likes to fire his insurance company.
          What a load of BS.  Romney is rich and can afford to fire his insurance company if he becomes annoyed with it.  He may very well own the company, in which case he cannot only fire it, he can gut it and bury it after emptying its coffers. 
          Those of us who have insurance through employment have been fortunate in the past.  However, we could no more fire a group plan insurer than we can fly like Icarus.  The employer makes the choice of which carrier based upon affordability.  Coverage and performance factor in much lower on the decision tree. 
          In reality, it is we who are often fired by “our” insurance companies.  If we anger them by actually attempting to make use of the plan coverage, private sector bureaucrats called clerks, associates, representatives, or some other deceptive name, chained to their desks, deny coverage and may well be programmed to cancel our coverage. 
          If you attempt to “fire” “your” insurance company, or any other of “your employees” such as your cable provider, your power company, or water company, you may succeed in terminating their service.  However, it will be you sitting in the dark, watching a darkened television, trying to catch and store rainwater.  “Your employees” will simply ignore you until you give in to their conditions to reinstate service at a higher price.  As for health insurance, don’t bother looking.  You are most likely now uninsurable. 

Follow up about Parents Television Council
          This group of bible thumpers and theocrats want to ban anything they consider offensive from broadcast and cable programming.  They are clogging the courts with foolish claims that they are being harmed by a lack of censorship. 
          I on the other hand, am being subjected to unwanted and unconstitutional censorship that prevents me from seeing and hearing things as they are written for reading, hearing, and viewing. 
          Rather than file frivolous lawsuits I propose the following.  Allow these theocrats and prudes to fund and produce their own media.  Let them circulate it on the numerous church/religious channels that my cable provider insists that I cannot have removed from my cable services.  I’ll block those channels as I already do, they can pay to air their material and let the mathematics of business either support their shows or kill them. 
          I can happily boycott companies that pay to have religion added to my cable bill.  I bet that there is insufficient demand for sanitized and church programming to make it pay for itself.  If I’m wrong, they will have “safe channels” to insulate their selves from reality.  If I’m right, all the better. 


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