Thursday, November 7, 2013

7 November 2013 Back in the USSR

Cassi Creek:  Rainy, overcast day.  Yellow and brown leaves are covering horizontal surfaces, making road treacherous.  Given the driving habits of most local drivers, it is not a particularly comfortable or safe day to be walking along the road. 
          Lev Davidovich Bronstein was born on this date in 1879.  Under the nom de guerre Leon Trotsky, he was a primary leader in the 1917 Russian Revolution, also occurring on 7 November.  He was initially a Menshevik but switched allegiance to the Bolsheviks.  He was the first commissar of the Red Army, responsible for creating the Red Army.  Due to internal party politics, he fell from favor after Lenin’s death.  Stalin had him drummed from the Soviet Party, deported, and finally murdered – 21 Aug 1940) I’ve always wondered what the USSR would have become had Trotsky followed Lenin.  While Trotsky was ruthless at need, he was not the paranoid mass murderer Stalin became.

          Historical bits for today:



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